Archive S2E10
Information Archive Space Station


Located in the Crow Nebula of the J Star Cluster, Archive is an ultra-high-security storage facility that has provided its services to the elite and the paranoid since the J colonies began.[1] Discretion is the heart of the bank's operation. Once a client is registered, Archive staff do not know which door leads to a client's vaults.

Sarafin S2E10

Dej Serafan

The facility is managed by the Dej, the Director of Archive. Dej Serafan currently holds the position.

Clients are registered through their DNA, and have a drop of blood scanned in the process of opening an account and procuring a vault. Clients may come and go unobserved, however no personal security is allowed beyond the reception area of the station.

Gold Package Archive Vault

Gold Package Vault

The space station is equipped with extensive security systems and exterior gun towers to protect itself and the items in storage for its clients. Archive also offers a special security Gold Package. The ultimate in security, this package uses Myer-portal tech or gradient warp fields to transport a vault that has been breached to low orbit around a sun, where the thieves will perish. Transported vaults can be recalled by the Dej.


  1. How to Kill Friends and Influence People

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