Black Root ship
Black Root Ship
Information Falcon Class spaceship


The Falcon Class is an advanced technology spaceship developed by the Hullen and used by the Black Root. The Black Root have a large number of these spacecraft and use them as transports for Black Root and as armed security craft to protect the various Black Root and Red 17 installations and assets.[1]

Khlyen ship

Ship Interior

The interior of these ships is sparse and brightly lit.

Khlyen and Fancy Lee used one of these ships to travel to Telen to question D'avin and Johnny's father, Marris Jaqobis. Later, Johnny stole the ship along with Clara when he went on the run after shooting Delle Seyah Kendry.

Behind the ScenesEdit

A scale model of the Falcon Class Black Root ship is available through the use of 3D print files.[2]


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