Which is better, Killjoys or Dark Matter?

    Both are really good TV.  And, I am not willing to give up neither Syfy show.   However, I think Dark Matter has taken the lead.   It used to be the other way around, with Killjoys in the lead (in my opinion) although Dark Matter was always a good show.  Lately, Dark Matter has improved.  Maybe it is the writing, but whatever it is does not seem to be slowing down. 

    I'll just have to keep watching to see if Killjoys recovers its former glory.  Although, It still has plenty of glory left.  I think they lost some glory when Killjoys killed of Pawter.  Glad to see Sarah Power landed on her feet with a role in The Good Witch.

    Lastly, this opinion is offered very strictly for the purposes of good, not bad.  …

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  • Msp1132

    I enjoy science fiction role playing games (RPG) and I think that Killjoys would provide a great background for a RPG campaign. So here is the Quad using Classic Traveller world building rules. These are based on tidbits from the show and some speculation on my part. Happy to modify these based on feedback from wiki members.

    Name Statistics Remarks
    Qresh A568437 A Rich Planet
    Leith B263545 A Agricultural Moon
    Westerley B371617 A Industrial Moon
    Arkyn X100000 X Dead Moon (R)

    Starport: A - excellent quality installation

    Planetary Size: 5 - Diameter is 5000+ miles

    Planetary Atmosphere: 6 - Standard

    Hydrographic Percentage: 8 - 80% Water

    Population: 4 - Tens of Thousands

    Planetary Government: 3 - Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy. Government by a restricted…

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  • Redhotjets


    August 17, 2015 by Redhotjets

    Just a test.

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