Connaver Gang
Connaver Gang S2E1
Information Warrant for the Connaver Gang


The Connaver Gang is led by Abel Connaver and her brothers. The Connaver family has made a science out of ship piracy, but always escaped company pursuit. It is rumored that they would hide on Arkyn when the heat got too much.[1]

The Company has placed a Level 4 Warrant with the RAC for them, stipulating they be apprehended either dead or alive.


The Connavers knew that Arkyn was protected by a defensive shield. They found the technology to protect them from the moon's defenses on a crashed ship they tracked leaving Arkyn. Once they figured out what the device was and how to use it, they needed a way to keep it portable and safe. They took Clara, who they received in trade for a debt, to The Factory and had the device implanted in her and then had her modified with cybernetics to protect it, making her a Hackmod. The Connaver Gang later used Clara as collateral for gambling in Eulogy and she was chained in a secure storage area of the outlaw barter town.

Hackmods owned by the Connaver GangEdit

Abel ConnaverEdit

Abel Connaver was captured by Niko, a Hackmod surgeon who was taking revenge on Hackmod owners and trackers. She was Killed and Yoki (who worked for Niko after escaping the Connavers) took her skin in order to give Clara a new identity as Olli.[2]


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