Pree being held by the Ferran
Information Pree being held by the Ferran

One commander falls, Another rises.” - Ferran Law

"Peace is a painting, war is a mirror." - Ferran saying


The Ferran are the most badass outlaw mercenaries in the J Star Cluster. The Ferran are all refugee soldiers (conscientious deserters) from corrupt wars. The Ferran believe a true soldier risks his life for more than corporate or feudal interestsand only fight for two things: just wars and each other.[1]

The Ferran's base of operations is on Ohron.

Weapons and TechnologyEdit

The Ferran use a variety of weapons based upon what it available on the black market. They also use advanced technology such as Particle Displacement Shields for camouflage.

Ferran CommandersEdit

Ferran LieutenantsEdit


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