Gared S2E2 003
Gender Male
Relationships Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Actor Gavin Fox
First Wild, Wild Westerley
Last Wild, Wild Westerley

Gared is a character appearing in Season 2 of Killjoys. He is portrayed by actor Gavin Fox.


After the bombing of Old Town, Gared took over running The Royale, however Dutch challenged him to a fight for ownership of the bar on Pree's behalf, breaking his leg in the end. Later, after the Killjoys had left Old Town, Gared made one last attempt to regain ownership of the bar. Pree offered him free drinks, free sexers, and money but he refused, so Pree stabbed him in the hand with his own knife.[1]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Gared is large and muscular, and is overly confident in his physical abilities.


Killjoys: Season 2
Wild, Wild Westerley (appears)


  1. Wild, Wild Westerley

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