Hackmods S3 E2
Information Johnny and the Hackmods


Hackmods are humans with cybernetic implants who were enslaved and modded in a black market workshop known as The Factory and sold to the highest bidder. Some Hackmods have managed to escape their owners and eke out a life of their own in Rat City, a neutral zone situated at the far end of the J Star Cluster, where Hackmods have one another’s backs and ‘Basics’ (unmodded humans), dare not tread[1]. Basics can undergo "tagging", a minor modification which is a symbolic gesture, granting "honorary Hackmod" status [2].

Types of HackmodsEdit

The Factory creates different classes of hackmods.[2]

  • Spec – have special order modifications and unique hackmods.
  • Jumpers – have cybernetic legs and perform courier and smuggling work.
  • Grips – have cybernetic arms and act as enforcers and bodyguards.
  • Owls – have enhanced vision and hearing and perform surveillance duties.
  • Skinners - use a new kind of illegal skin morphing tech that can make them look like anyone they want.[3]

Known HackmodsEdit


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