Gender Male
Relationships Tarren Tighmon (union member)
Occupation Union Leader
Actor Stuart Hughes
First Johnny Be Good
Last Johnny Be Good

Herin is a character appearing in Season 2 of Killjoys. He is portrayed by actor Stuart Hughes.


Herin was a member of the miners' union in Old Town. After the bombing of Old Town, and the death of Tarren Tighmon at the hands of the Company, he became a leader of the survivors held captive behind the Containment Fence that surrounded the town.[1]

He captured Dutch while he and his group stormed the Spring Hill Compound looking for Liam Jelco. While holding Dutch prisoner, he used Micro-leeches to torture her in order to learn where Jelco had gone.

Herin was killed by Delle Seyah Kendry and her Level 6 Agents while negotiating a treaty for the freedom of Old Town.


Killjoys: Season 2
Johnny Be Good (appears)


  1. Johnny Be Good

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