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Dutch taste testing Hokk

Hokk refers to both a wine-like beverage popular in the Quad, and to the grape-like crop used to produce it, which is farmed on Leith.

Like wine, brewed hokk is often aged for years.

Harvesting HokkEdit

Many Westerlyns work as migrant farm workers on Leith, where they are often subjected to harsh working conditions and strict work visas. Migrant farm workers who overstay their visas can be punished with 10 years of hard labour, and some farms use deadly incendiary tracker devices to kill anyone who would attempt to flee, writing off any deaths as work-related accidents.[1]


Hokk bottles

hokk bottles

Varieties of Hokk include the pale orange Yrda, the deep wine-red Gorudo, and the pale yellow Shiro.

There are also different production methods. Pree refers to a beverage as "dry-pressed hokk".[2]

Hokk 9 is a bootleg variety of Hokk. It's production and sale is illegal on Westerley.[3]


  • Martell
  • Kyrellian
  • Yyzati


Martell Farm Business Records

Martell Farm Business Report

Bedros Martell operates a Hokkery on Leith. The Martell label Shiro is peppery, with hints of citrus and vanilla. They also produce Yrda and Gorudo.[4]


The name "Hokk" was created by Aaron Martin, who wrote The Harvest. It is a homage to an old Canadian commercial for a wine called Hochtaler.[5]


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