Innis Kotler
Leitian National with EKOL ASI Uzi Episode 6
Gender Male
Relationships Lucas Kotler (Stepfather)
Occupation Farmer/True Leithian
Actor Alden Adair
First One Blood
Last One Blood

Innis Kotler is a character appearing in Season 1 of Killjoys. He is portrayed by actor Alden Adair.

Biography Edit

Innis Kotler is a member of group of True Leithians lead by his stepfather Lucas Kotler and comprised of his extended family. His family farm on Leith was turned into a survivalist compound when the Farm Bureau claimed his family land after several seasons of failed crops. He and his family oppose the immigration of Westerlyns to Leith under the Seventh Generation Accord, believing that only those born on Leith should own land on the moon.

Innis captured Dutch and Big Joe and held them captive believing that they were there to spy on the family's activities. Innis confiscated a Genetic Bomb from Big Joe, and believing it to be a weapon, tried to Kill Dutch and Big Joe with it, instead wiping out his entire family (with the exception of Lucas), as the bomb had sampled the Kotler DNA when Innis had cut his hand on the bomb's handle. His stepfather survived as he had married into the Kotler family and did not share their DNA.[1]


Killjoys: Season 1
One Blood (appears)


  1. One Blood

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