Kalla Seyon Trus
Sir Pompous McDickbag
Gender Male
Relationships Unknown
Occupation Politician (the Nine)
Actor John Bourgeois
First Necropolis Now
Last Necropolis Now

Kalla Seyon Trus is a character appearing in Season 3 of Killjoys.

He is portrayed by actor John Bourgeois.


Kalla Seyon Trus, called "Sir Pompous McDickbag" by D'avin Jaqobis, is the patriarch of Land Trus, one of The Nine families on Qresh. He is deeply embroiled in the politics of The Nine and their control of the Company and The Quad.[1]

Seyon Trus is a rich elitist, looking down upon the general citizens of The Quad, and has a particular dislike for Scarbacks.

Even though he proclaims The Nine as the Guardians of The Quad, he does not feel an allegiance to the system, and is arranging for The Nine families to abandon The Quad and its people in order to get away from the Hullen.


Killjoys: Season 3
Necropolis Now (appears)


  1. Necropolis Now

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