Keltric 0-9
Pathogen Analysis S2E5
Information Pathogen Analysis

Adaline: "Our planet, our people, all of it is under a ticking clock. Some of the Nine families embrace our fate, others resist it. This was my attempt to stop it."
Pawter: "By killing everyone with a horrible disease?"
Adaline: "By making this planet uninhabitable for those who choose to take it."


Keltric 0-9 is a pathogen: a microorganism that can cause disease. It is vulnerable to extreme heat.

Use in The QuadEdit

Adaline Seyah Simms used Keltric 0-9 as the core pathogen in a mutant hybrid that combined it with nine other types. Her intent was to create a doomsday weapon capable of freezing the land and seas of Qresh, rendering it uninhabitable, with the threat of using the pathogen functioning as a deterrent against prospective coquerors, however her experiments resulted in a formula that was deadly to humans, freezing them solid.[1]

Alpha Shield around Simms Estate

Alpha Shield

The pathogen was stolen by an unknown group and was used in an attack against Land Simms, killing Adaline, her husband Weymer, and their servant Kaster. In studying the pathogen's effect on her mother, Pawter identified that it had a vulnerability to extreme heat. Johnny was able to exploit that vulnerability to destroy the pathogen to burn it up while contained within the Alpha Shield that surrounded the Land Simms estate.


  • The pathogen resembles ice-nine[2] from the Kurt Vonnegut novel Cat's Cradle.[3]


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