Land Hyponia is one of the the Families of the Nine, the largest and most powerful noble houses of Qresh's landholding aristocracy, and the largest shareholders of The Company.


Land Hyponia opposed Land Kendry and its allies in the Council of the Nine. As a result, half of the family members of Land Hyponia were killed by a Genetic Bomb that was set of in the Ancestral Hall of the Nine in Medidas City during Council meeting to vote on repealing the Seventh Generation Accord as a result of the Leith Bazaar Massacre.[1]

In the aftermath of the bombing, Arune Hyponia ascended to leadership of the family and worked with Land Simms to find proof of Land Kendry's involvement in the deaths of members of the Nine that opposed Delle Seyah Kendry.[2]

He was assassinated by Liam Jelco, who threatened to frame Pawter Simms if she didn't stop her investigation into the wall.

Known MembersEdit

  • Arune Hyponia - Patriarch of Land Hyponia and Council Member of the Nine


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