Lazlo Chamber Inferno Missile
Lazlo Chamber Inferno Missile
Information Prepping for launch


The Lazlo Chamber Inferno Missile is a military grade missile with an incendiary warhead and a 200 kilometer range. The launch rail and targeting/launch system for the missile are portable, allowing the missile to be set up quickly for launch purposes.

Black Market AvailabilityEdit

R'yo managed to get a missile through her black market contacts and set it up on the roof of her headquarters in Sugar Point with the intent of launching the missile at Old Town in revenge for the bombing of Sugar Point. Her brother Simon Muraayn had stolen the launch codes for the missile from The Company but was caught and imprisoned in Westhole Prison, hiding the launch code chip inside a smuggler's nut before he was captured. In order to get Simon out and recover the launch codes, R'yo kidnapped Vena, a mayor's daughter, and held her as a hostage to force an exchange for her brother. Dutch and Johnny, along with D'avin, take the Hostage Exchange Warrant to recover Vena, and in doing so managed to destroy the missile and bring Vena home.[1]


  1. The Sugar Point Run

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