Lucy Flyby
Gender Female
Relationships Dutch (Owner/Pilot)
John Jaqobis (Engineer)
D'avin Jaqobis (Crew)
Occupation spaceship
Actor Tamsen McDonough (voice)
First Bangarang
Last Wargasm

Tamsen McDonough provides the voice of Lucy in Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3 of Killjoys.


Lucy is a spacecraft Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) owned by Dutch and used as interplanetary transportation and working/living space for the Killjoys team.[1] Lucy is gaining Emotional Intelligence expressed as a fondness for John Jaqobis.[2] her programmer who gave her an android body.

The ship has a small cockpit, sleeping quarters, lounge area and cargo bay.[3] Lucy is also equipped with a probe bay and can launch probes configured with various sensors including a liquid cam which works like a satellite, taking pictures of the ground for analysis.[4]

Lucy’s homeport in The Quad is Old Town on Westerley.[5]

Lucy is FTL-capable, and fast enough to make an interstellar trip in less than a day.[6]


Killjoys-take-a-joy-ride Still Episode 4

Dutch's Rambler

A four-wheel Rambler is kept in the cargo bay for ground transportation.[7]

San-Bot 1Edit

San-Bot -1 S2E6

San-Bot 1

San-Bot 1 is one of three androids owned by San Romwell. John managed to hack the android's interface and upload an app of Lucy so that she could take over the android's operation. While controlling the android Lucy managed a moment to indulge in a passionate kiss with Johnny in order to record the data on the experience.[8]


Lucy kissing Johnny


Killjoys: Season 1
Bangarang (appears) The Sugar Point Run (appears) The Harvest (appears) Vessel (appears) A Glitch in the System (appears) One Blood (appears) Kiss Kiss Bye Bye (appears) Come The Rain (appears) Enemy Khlyen (appears) Escape Velocity (appears)
Killjoys: Season 2
Dutch and the Real Girl (appears) Wild, Wild Westerley (appears) Shaft (appears) Schooled (appears) Meet the Parents (appears) I Love Lucy (appears) Heart-Shaped Box (appears) Full Metal Monk (appears) Johnny Be Good (appears) How to Kill Friends and Influence People (appears) The Lion, the Witch & the Warlord (appears)
Killjoys: Season 3
Boondoggie (appears) A Skinner, Darkly (appears) The Hullen Have Eyes (appears) The Lion, the Witch & the Warlord (appears) Attack the Rack (appears) Necropolis Now (appears) The Wolf You Feed (appears) Heist, Heist Baby (appears) Reckoning Ball (appears) Wargasm (appears)

Behind the ScenesEdit

On November 3, 2015 Michelle Lovretta tweeted pictures of the first 3D model of Lucy, which she originally called "Betty". The ship was modelled on the shape of manta rays that Michelle saw in Hawaii.[9][10]
First 3d model of Lucy

3D model of Lucy

3d model of Lucy

3D model of Lucy

A scale model of Lucy is available through the use of 3D print files.[11]

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