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The Martell Farm is a Hokk farm located on Leith which produces and bottles Yrda, Gorudo, and Shiro varieties of Hokk.

The farm was established by the youngest son of the Martell family of Qresh. By the time he came of age his share of the family's ancestral lands on Qresh were mostly underwater, so he sold or traded what was left of his family property on Qresh in exchange for a parcel of farmland on Leith.

Bedros Martell inherited the hokkery from his father. He uses a large number of migrant farm workers from Westerley in the harvesting of hokk, managed by an Overseer. The workers are subjected to harsh work conditions and Martell uses Incendiary trackers to enforce his rules and keep the workers from fleeing.[1]


Hokk bottles

Martell Hokk

The Martell label Shiro is peppery, with hints of citrus and vanilla. They also produce Yrda and Gorudo varieties of Hokk.


  1. The Harvest

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