Med Ship Avignon
Johnny being treated on Medical Ship Avignon
Information Johnny being treated on the Avignon

"This is Med Ship Avignon, come in.

Avignon, this is an All Request emergency evac to my location, medical authorization number: 5-4-alpha-9. Priority Code: Angel. That means get your asses here now!

I'm sorry, doctor, med ships aren't approved for your sector.

This is Illenore Seyah Simms of Land Simms, and if you ignore my call, I will have you staked in the rain.

We are en route, Seyah.

You bet your ass you are."


The Avignon is a Company hospital ship that is stationed in the Quad. The ship remains on station to respond to medical emergencies based on requests from doctors and emergency response personnel. Some areas in the Quad, particularly on Westerley, are considered to be outside of the ship's response area, however doctors have exerted political influence to encourage the ship's crew to respond to emergencies in these areas.[1]


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