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Information Subterranean Centipedes


Mossipedes are large subterranean centipedes that are about 12 inches long.[1]

Mossipede S2E3

Johnny examining a mossipede

The creatures are smart, using moss to camouflage their presence. Groups of the mossipedes move together and they seem to have some sort of "hive" mind. Mossipedes are carnivorous predators that hunt by using a psychotropic venom to cause hallucinations, then herd their prey into a pit where they attack and devour it down to bare bones.

San Romwell told John Jaqobis that the indigenous people of N'gwella use them as guard animals.[2]


The mossipedes seem to have regenerative capabilities. A mossipede can be cut into pieces and all the pieces live. Their circulatory system uses a green fluid, which may be the source of their regenerative properties.

Connection to Red 17Edit

D'avin Jaqobis has suggested that the mossipedes may be the source of the Green Plasma used in the Red 17 program to create Level 6 Agents.[3]


  • Mossepedes are the first creature effect used in the series. They were controlled by puppeteers, and the movements were supplemented by VFX.
  • The mossipedes are the series' homage to the “Trouble with Tribbles” Star Trek episode.


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