Episode 5 Nanites infecting D'avin
Information Nanites entering D'avin's body


A nanomachine, also called a nanite, is a mechanical or electromechanical device whose dimensions are measured in nanometers (millionths of a millimeter). The microscopic size of nanomachines translates into high operational speed. This is a result of the natural tendency of all machines and systems to work faster as their size decreases.

Nanomachines are programmed to work synergistically in medical treatments to diagnose and treat medical conditions, sickness, and diseases by seeking out invading bacteria and viruses and destroying them, then rebuilding biological tissue and organs.

Known UsesEdit

The Aegir, a military intelligence ship operated by the Imperial Marines of the United Republic (IMUR), was focused on Black Ops enhanced interrogation methods for intelligence gathering through the use of nanites to torture prisoners.[1]


  1. A Glitch in the System

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