Olin S2E4
Gender Male
Relationships Lans (father)
Jake (Brother)
Occupation Student
Actor Ricardo Hoyos
First Schooled
Last Full Metal Monk

Olan Qayumi is a recurring character appearing in Season 2 of Killjoys. He is portrayed by actor Ricardo Hoyos.


Olan is a gifted Westerlyn child from Old Town that was selected for the Prodigy School program. Several years later his brother Jake was also selected for the school program, and their father was not happy about his sons being taken for the program.[1]

Olan and Jake were reunited at Prodigy, after Olan survived a glitch in the cryopods trigged when the integrated Neurofeeding system malfunctioned after receiving a signal for the Red 17 facility on Arkyn. While all the other Killjoys took Olan to the Scarback Monastery on Leith in order to learn to deal with the information that was burned into his head.

Deciphering the Red 17 TransmissionEdit

Olan's Writing S2E8

Olan's writings

Olan was not able to understand the meaning of the information that was contained in the transmission, but did scribe a series of scripts on to the wall of his room at the monastery when inadvertently triggered by something Dutch said to him.[2] The writing was a map of Arkyn showing the rivers that traced across the moon 200 years ago, at the same time that the 12 monks went there to battle the Pra-tal, the Old Word meaning of which is "the devil".


Killjoys: Season 2
Schooled (appears) Full Metal Monk (appears)


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  2. Full Metal Monk

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