Gender Female
Relationships John Jaqobis (friend)
Yoki friend)
Clara (former self)
Occupation Hackmod
Actor Tommie-Amber Pirie
First Boondoggie
Last A Skinner, Darkly

Olli is a recurring character appearing in Season 3 of Killjoys.

She is portrayed by actress Tommie-Amber Pirie.

Biography Edit

Oleana, nicknamed "Olli", is a Hackmod who had several mods installed at The Factory.

Olli met John Jaqobis while he was tracking the whereabouts of Clara. Ollie doesn't know when or how, but while she was blacked out Clara attached Alice to her right arm. Alice began to broadcast an SOS and location to Johnny while also giving Olli the same location coordinates.[1]

Johnny convinced Olli to help him find Clara, and had her take him to Rat City, Clara's last known destination.

The Revelation of Olli's PastEdit

In Rat City Johnny and Olli approached Yoki, one of Clara's friends. Yoki was clearly hiding something when she told them that she hadn't seen Clara and the two continued to dig, eventually uncovering Niko's illegal skin morphing tech lab. Johnny puts the info together and realizes that Olli is Clara.[2]

Yoki told them of how Clara searched her out in order to get help in stopping The Factory. Yoki told her of the skin morphing tech that Niko was using and Clara freaked out and started causing trouble. Niko found out about Clara and told Yoki that she had to make Clara disappear. So Yoki did, just not the way that Niko meant. Yoki used the skin of Abel Connaver, who used to own the both of them, to re-skin Clara and installed a memory jammer so that Clara could not remember who she was, other than her name was Olli.


Killjoys: Season 3
Boondoggie (appears) A Skinner, Darkly (appears)


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