Paulo S2E3 004
Gender Male
Relationships Tania (Wife/Killjoy)
Deena (Sister-in-Law/Killjoy)
Occupation Killjoy
Actor Zach Apostoleris
First Shaft
Last Shaft

Paulo is a character appearing in Season 2 of Killjoys. He is portrayed by actor Zach Apostoleris.


Paulo is a RAC Agent, teamed with his wife, Tania, and her sister Deena.[1]

The team took on a Level 2 salvage warrant in the north end of the badlands on Westerley, that sent them to "salvage" a monk and came with coordinates to an abandoned mine. The warrant didn’t make any sense to the team but it paid triple scale.

There were no Company records about a mine in the area of the coordinates they were given.

Shortly after arriving at the coordinates in their ship, a Black Rain storm formed. The team took shelter in the mine and called in for an evac. Khlyen intercepted the message and covered it up. No rescue team was sent.

A week later Turin, who had found out about the cover up, sent Dutch and her team to check on Paulo and the others and rescue them if they were still alive. Dutch, Johnny, D'avin, and Alvis found Tania, who was suffering from hallucinations of Paulo which eventually lead to her death by the creatures infesting the mine. Paulo and Deena had already been attacked and devoured by the mossipedes by the time Dutch, Johnny, and D'avin had arrived.


Killjoys: Season 2
Shaft (appears)


  1. Shaft

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