Prodigy School
Prodigy School
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"Welcome to Prodigy. Congratulations. You are the elite few to qualify for the Prodigy School Program, a special education initiative on behalf of the Nine for Westerley's most gifted children."

- Delle Seyah Kendry


The Prodigy School is a school program for gifted children from Westerley. The program was started by the Nine and is run by Delle Seyah Kendry. The school is a space station in orbit around Westerley in Quadrant 4.[1]

The Reclamation Apprehension Coalition handles all the Escort Warrants for the students, picking them up and transporting them to the school in orbit.

Learning TechniqueEdit

The school secretly uses an illegal compressed learing technique where students are placed into cryopods fitted with neurofeeding apparatus to encode information into the student's brain through a neural interface. According to Delle Seyah Kendry, the cryo technique is painless and safe, and the children wake up experts in their field.[2]

Delle Seyah Kendry's AgendaEdit

Delle Seyah Kendry has modified the Nine's original purpose for the program to create a living human seedbank to protect all Qreshi culture and knowledge.


  • The interior of Prodigy station was filmed in the City Hall of Brampton Ontario, which is Aaron Ashmore's hometown.[3]
Prodigy interior S2E4

Prodigy School Entrance Hall


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