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"The bad news is the RAC is in the most heavily fortified station in the Quad." - Dutch

"Yeah but the good news is, our badges get us in the front door." - Johnny


The RAC Cruiser serves as the Headquarters of Reclamation Apprehension Coalition within The Quad, normally in orbit around Arkyn.

Rac emblem


The cruiser has multiple levels, the lower levels containing several hangar bays, while other levels have offices, personnel quarters, engineering spaces, and medical facilities. [1][2]All visitors to the cruiser undergo physical scans before being granted entry.[3]

The RAC's Office of Interstellar Expansion is located on Level 71 of the cruiser. The senior RAC officers of this office have the responsibility of convincing other planetary systems of the benefits of employing The RAC and setting up satellite offices around the J Star Cluster. Khlyen is a RAC officer assigned to this office. [4]

The upper levels also have a supercomputer of a type previously unseen in the Quad.

Behind the ScenesEdit

A scale model of the RAC Cruiser is available through the use of 3D print files.[5]


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