Rolly Desh
Desh Pistol Episode 1
Gender Male
Relationships Alvis Akari (Monk)
Occupation Scarback Monk
Actor Jason Jazrawy
First Bangarang
Last Bangarang

Rolly Desh is a character appearing in Season 1 of Killjoys. He is portrayed by actor Jason Jazrawy.

Biography Edit

Rolly Desh is a Scarback Monk and an agitator in the resistance movement against the Company. Desh pushed for all-out war against the company which caused a falling out with Alvis Akari. Desh used his status as a monk to move around the Quad and was able to steal company information that he planned to use in the resistance movement. He kept the information in a data chip disguised as a nose ring.[1]

Alvis provided Dutch information on Desh's whereabouts so that she could capture him and use him as leverage against the Company in order to have the Level 5 Warrant against D'avin cancelled. The Killjoys tracked Desh to a land blessing ceremony on Qresh and were able to recover the stolen data, killing Desh in the process. The Company cancelled the warrant against D'avin in return for the stolen data.


Killjoys: Season 1
Bangarang (appears)


  1. Bangarang

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