San-Bot 1
San-Bot -1 S2E6
Gender Female
Relationships San Romwell (Owner)
Occupation Android
Actor Tamsen McDonough
First I Love Lucy
Last I Love Lucy

"Stop talking. Be naked." - San-Bot 1

San-Bot 1 is a character appearing in Season 2 of Killjoys. She is portrayed by actress Tamsen McDonough.


San-Bot 1 is one of three androids, more specifically gynoids, owned by San Romwell. The San-Bots are programmed to serve and protect him.[1]

John managed to hack the android's interface and upload an app of Lucy so that she could take over the android's operation. With Lucy in the android body she helped John and D'avin escape being uploaded into Romwell's collection of rare items. She also manages a moment to indulge in a passionate kiss with Johnny in order to record the data on the experience.


Lucy kissing Johnny

San-Bot 1 was attacked and destroyed by San-Bot 2 and San-Bot 3 once they realized that the android had been taken over by Lucy.


The voice of San-Bot 1, before it gets reprogrammed as Lucy, is voiced by Lisa Rose Snow, the Executive Producer's assistant during Season 2.[2]


Killjoys: Season 2
I Love Lucy (appears)


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