The Shield Device technology is used to pass through a defensive energy shield, such as the one that the Red 17 program used to protect its facility on Arkyn. The deivce not only allows a spaceship to pass through the shield, it cloaks the ship as well to prevent detection.[1]

The Connaver Gang found the device on a crashed ship they tracked leaving Arkyn. Once they figured out that it was an anti-shield device they needed a way to keep it portable and safe, so they had it implanted in Clara by The Factory, took her arm and replaced it with a cybernetic gun arm, and forced her to protect the device.

There is a standing warrant for the shield device: "Level 3 Warrant, under due and legal tender, by authority of the RAC, is for the person, or persons, in legal possession of the aforementioned shield."


  1. Dutch and the Real Girl

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