The Wolf You Feed
Season 3, Episode 7
Killjoys S3
Air Date        August 11, 2017
Written By       TBA
Directed By       Stefan Pleszczynski
Necropolis Now
Heist, Heist Baby

The Wolf You Feed is the seventh episode of Season 3 of Killjoys, as well as the twenty seventh episode of the series.[1]

The episode aired on August 11, 2017 on Syfy and Space.


Desperate for an advantage, Dutch goes AWOL and risks a dangerous procedure that connects her to Aneela's memories.

Cast & CharactersEdit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Stars Edit

Additional CastEdit

  • Jordana Blake as Young Aneela / Yala
  • Gavin Fox as Gared
  • Murry Peeters as Tuck
  • Ian Matthews as Jaal
  • Isys Alexis as Pilot #1
  • Mike Taylor as Pilot #2
  • Peter Bailey as Refugee Killjoy

Crew Edit

Director Edit

Writers Edit

  • Nikolijne Troubetzkoy (Writer)
  • Ashley Park (Story Editor)
  • Derek Robertson (Story Editor)
  • Vivian Lin (Junior Story Editor)

Executive Producers Edit

Producers Edit



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