Utopia Still Episode 7 001
Information Utopia

"Sex, drugs, meds, and tech. Everything illegal and freaky in the Quad is for sale in Utopia."

-John Jacobis


Utopia is a large space station in the J Star Cluster, in the vicinity of The Quad. The station is a haven for tech pirates and a source for black market items, all wrapped up in a Night Club atmosphere.[1]

Access is granted to Utopia by invitation only.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The station's shape resembles a chamfered cube, however the hexagonal facets are narrower, and the square facets are larger and hollow, opening up into the docking area.

Vendors on UtopiaEdit

  • Dr. Bliss - buys, sells, and trades memories.
  • Carleen - specializes in biotech and tech implants.


  1. Kiss Kiss Bye Bye

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