Weymer Simms
Weymer Simms S2E3
Gender Male
Relationships Adaline Seyah Simms (wife)
Pawter Simms (daughter)
Louella Simms (daughter)
John Jaqobis (Son-in-law)
Occupation The Nine
Actor Andrew Gillies
First Shaft
Last Meet the Parents

Weymer Simms is a recurring character appearing in Season 2 of Killjoys. He is portrayed by actor Andrew Gillies.


Weymer Simms is a member of Land Simms of the Nine families of Qresh. He is the husband of Adaline Seyah Simms and father of Louella and Pawter Simms. [1]

Weymer met Adaline Simms when his family built her family's summer home. Her family threatened to disown Adaline when they found out, but she won that fight and married him.

Weymer gave his life to protect his daughters when a pathogen that Adaline had developed was used against the family at their manor house. He set off an explosion that destroyed the pathogen, knowing that it would cost him his life.[2]


Killjoys: Season 2
Shaft (appears) Meet the Parents (appears)


  1. Shaft
  2. Meet the Parents

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